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Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Halloween You’ll Want to Buy ASAP

Here is a collection of the most cool Halloween outdoor decorations ideas to help you to create a perfect ambience on this fun holiday. by Array
best outdoor halloween decorating ideas

Trick and treat your neighbors with these ghosts, skeletons, witches and tombstones!

    12 best outdoor decorating ideas for halloween
  • 1

    Add this decor piece to your yard for some frightful fun. He’s sure to give the neighborhood children quite the scare while simultaneously securing your spot in the scary yard hall of fame!

  • 2

    Invite this swinging witch to your house this Halloween. She’s purple, she’s festive, and she’s ready to hang. After all this time turns out, witches just want to have fun.

  • 3

    This group of three cool witches is a great addition to your Halloween decor and is likely to cast a spell on all who encounter them.

  • 4

    This Climbing Dead decoration looks like a total creep, but he won’t actually try attacking you and he never tries to eat human flesh.

    He comes with a set of wire hooks so you can hang him wherever you want and he’ll just hang there obediently until you decide to move him.

  • 5

    This ingenious kit features lawn implantable bone appendages a realistic looking skull, forearms, and legs with articulated hands and feet that are stake mounted for easy installation into the ground.

    It will really look like the dead are rising from their earthen graves, right in your front lawn!

  • 6

    Do you need to mark the bodies of the dead in your yard? This tombstone set includes three tombstone decorations to turn your yard into a graveyard.

    They measure from 18 1/2″ to 21 1/2″ and feature etched phrases like “RIP” and “Rest in Peace” on the front. Scary skulls decorate the front as well.

  • 7

    We’re happy to help you out with your Spooky Hanging Ghost and ensure that they are at least bringing some clearly perceptible entertainment with their 7 foot tall mass of white mesh and smiling ghostly faces.

  • 8

    Your yard can be the scene of the haunting with this ghostly group set. This lawn decoration set includes 3 lawn ghosts with easy-to-assemble stakes for quick set-up.

  • 9

    Whether you are hosting a murder mystery night, or a Halloween party, someone tracked in blood. Now you have a crime to solve!

    The runner is durable for both indoors and outdoors it is white with red drips and foot prints.

  • 10

    These happy looking jack-o-lantern themed luminaries take the classic traditional carved pumpkin and turn it into a versatile decoration that can be hung up or placed anywhere you want.

  • 11

    It’s perfect for those people who live in the last, creepy house on the street, or if you just want to have a fun prop for your Halloween party.

    The eyeball stays closed when it’s not in use, but as soon as the button is pressed and the tone rings, it opens up and greets the guest with a spooky introduction to your home.

  • 12

    Add some humor to your Halloween with this Classic Crashing Witch decoration! With the attached wrist and ankle ties, you can secure this adorable little figure to any tree or post.