Back-to-School Supplies List for Middle and High School

Get ready for the upcoming school year with this checklist of recommended supplies for middle and high school. by Array
Middle and High School supplies 2023

Check out a list of the following supplies your child will need to begin the school year.

  • 1Plastic Folder –

    1 Plastic folder per subject for handouts

  • 2No. 2 Pencils –

    1 pack of No. 2 wooden pencils (12-count)

  • 3Spiral Notebook –

    1 three- or five-subject spiral notebook

  • 4Highlighters –

    2 highlighters in different colors

  • 5Graph Paper –

    2 packages of 1/4-inch graph paper

  • 6Colored Pencils –

    1 box of colored pencils for fun writing, and coloring

  • 7Scissors –

    1 pair of scissors with comfortable handle and ergonomic thumb loop

  • 8Loose Leaf Filler Paper –

    college ruled loose leaf filler paper with three-hole-punch for using in standard three-ring binders

  • 9Mini stapler –

    1 classic mini stapler with standard staples

  • 10Ballpoint Pens –

    ballpoint pens: red, blue, black

  • 11Protractor –

    school smart plastic 180 degree multi use protractor

  • 1212 inch Ruler –

    12 inch ruler with numerals and graduations sharply delineated

  • 13Compass –

    geometry tool, especially suitable for school teaching use

  • 14Pencil Sharpener –

    a small, portable pencil sharpener

  • 15Erasers –

    4 erasers to be enough for the whole year

  • 16Liquid Glue –

    non-toxic and washable – 4oz. or 8oz. bottle of glue

  • 17Permanent Markers –

    nontoxic, quick drying, water and rub resistant permanent markers

  • 18Binder Dividers –

    durable plastic dividers with two pockets and bigger tabs for more efficient organization

  • 19Pencil Box or Pencil Pouch –

    a pencil box or pencil pouch is useful for holding pencils, pens, and art supplies

  • 20Backpack or Messenger Bag –

    backpack or messenger bag with comfortable shoulder straps and zippered pockets for accessories and small personal items

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  • 21Personal Organizer –

    personal organizer or planner to keep track of homework assignments

  • 22Book Covers or Book socks –

    standard stretchy book covers or book socks

  • 23Ruled Index Cards –

    ruled index cards for easy note taking

  • 24Lunchbox or Bag –

    lunch bag or lunch box with cooling system

  • 253 Ring Binder –

    three-ring binder for store papers

  • 263 Hole Punch –

    three-hole-punch for organizing paperwork in binders

  • 27Tape –

    transparent tape for a wide variety of uses

  • 28Sticky Notes –

    sticky notes great to get your ideas noticed

  • 29White-Out Correction Tape –

    multipurpose correction tape to cover any type of error

  • 30Combination Lock –

    combination lock with 4 digit padlock for school gym locker, toolbox, and more

  • 31Dictionary and Thesaurus –

    portable a dictionary and a thesaurus combined all-in-one

  • 32Graphing Calculator –

    graphing calculator with engineering, trigonometric, and financial functions, that can display graphs and tables on split screen

  • 33USB Flash Drive –

    zip drive or USB drive to save work done on home and school computers

middle school and high school supplies checklist